Will this work?

A wikibase registry is a good idea. An increasing number of people is using the software and should be able to help each other - and if only with the exchange of experiences.

But how to connect them? How to bring them onto a joint platform? How to create this bit of life that is needed to gain momentum?

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I think we should revert and go back to Wikimedia MS Forum https://forum.movement-strategy.org which should expand its use and coordinating open Wikibases could be one of them!

This Discourse is available as a resource to use. If it is used, then great. If not, then that’s fine. The alternative would be every Wikibase setting up their own message board, and in my view that’s worse.

The “movement strategy” Discourse is not where I would be sending people interested in the Wikibase ecosystem. it is not an intuitive place to go if you are interested in Wikibase. And the two groups don’t overlap that much.

Do not get me wrong. I appreciate it as gesture and fresh clean install, but I doubt we have capacity to onboard, moderate and provide level of service that is desirable without WMF and/or WMDE and/or Wikibase Stakeholders Group joining in…though I am also not 100% sure even if they join in that it would be instant success ;-p

I agree. But it can become one if we help them rethink and expand scope +create dedicated section just for Wikibase (this is possible)…as for little overlap - yes it is tiny but it exists and I can imagine it growing as Wikibase.Cloud becomes more feature-full.

On the contrary, this was very easy to set up. It does not require an entire organization to run.

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This does not address my concern at all.

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Set up yes, but if there is no outreach/promotion/support people will not move in.

I fully understand your point, however if one wants for example auto-translate feature *(which exists via WMF contract with providers) it will cost you real money as a person and that is not as simple.