Wikibase.Cloud : visibility of Mapping to Wikidata?

When mapping Properties and Items to Wikidata is done, should this not be visible somewhere in the interface displaying that Property and Item? Is this possible via an extension? Can it be added sometime soon?

IMHO even the most simple asterix would do for now *(later idealy with mouse-over link to Wikidata?)

This is a very important part of wikibase honestly. But it’s sad because I tried something like this in the past and couldn’t succeed.
I was even advised by a member to do mapping to wikidata. But wikidata administrators weren’t friendly at all.

I also wonder if the mapping itself could live on the wiki, keeping the data in one place. How I would approach this is to define your wiki’s “exact match” property, and then maintain your mapping on the wiki itself. There may be practical implementation issues with this. An example of this in practice is

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I thought of this too last year, I think I should drop a link to where I had the discussion with rep. Here should have mappings to Gratisdata terms where possible · Issue #3049 · schemaorg/schemaorg · GitHub
Don’t you think it’s supposed to be adding the “exact match” on the wikidata entity and using the external wikibase installation as the link?
And not adding the “exact match” on your own wikibase installation linking to wikidata?
What effect would that have with your current mapping style?

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