Wikibase.Cloud: Moderation extension preferences?

For the moment it looks like no moderation extension exists on…
I am in need of (at least) one and I am curious if anyone else does + which one would you opt for and why? Extension:Moderation - MediaWiki

I have not needed one but I am somewhat familiar with Extension:AbuseFilter - MediaWiki

Extension:Nuke - MediaWiki is installed which may help with cleanup.

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For sure it can with things that are obviously spam, but for building workflows that support more sophisticated publishing and development of newbie contributors to experienced (fully trusted) users, there should be more.

I concur with GreenReaper that AbuseFilter is going to be the best option. It doesn’t appear to be deployed to Wikibase.Cloud, but it is actively used on Wikidata so Wikibase.Cloud could hypothetically support it.

Wikidata usage of AbuseFilter: Abuse filter management - Wikidata