Items don't actually have links

I have recently recreated my Wikibase repo about my favorite comic series and I have to start with basic properties.
I can’t seems to make the “khoản mục Wikidata” (Wikidata identifier) values to looks like a link to the Wikidata itself…

Have you mapped your P9 (formatter URL) to the Wikidata equivalent (P1630) in the options menu for that wikibase?

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Already does!

Hmm. Well, I tried doing ?action=purge on all the URLs of the items and properties but that didn’t do it. You could try doing actual edits to them, just adding and removing a statement should be enough (I suggest from P9 backwards along the chain). Failing that, try reaching out to support.

Also you probably want to set MediaWiki:Mainpage - Wiki Lớp Học Mật Ngữ: Mỏ Dữ Liệu to ‘Này bạn?’ as this will set the default front page.

I checked. P12 does spew out links as usual, but not P9

Can you check now? Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, it appears to be working now.

Yo! Thanks for letting me know, it was already resolved a whiles before tho, so thanks for your help anyway. I will close this post now.

Great to hear, thank you.